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About Simon Dunn

Simon and Anne Dunn

At the age of 15 Simon Dunn had plans to become a chef, he took a temporary job at Squirrel Horn a sweet factory in Stockport, and this was where his interest in the confectionery industry began. Simon’s enthusiasm and eagerness to learn was noticed and a training package was offered with confectionery training courses over the UK and Europe, this was where the chocolate story began. After returning from Germany he began making chocolates from home and sales continued to grow and at the age of 25 he left full-time employment to start Simon Dunn Chocolatier.

The only place to purchase our chocolates are from the High Lane shop or through the website.

Chocolates have become increasingly popular over the last few years for weddings and special occasions we can offer personalised chocolates boxes and ribbons.

Dark chocolate with a higher cocoa percentage has become increasingly popular as it is claimed to reduce the risk of heart disease, reduces some cancers, release endorphins in the brain which act as a pain relieve and reduce stress and have a calming effect and if all that wasn’t good enough may make you live longer ..